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Home decoration placement skills

January 16, 2022

Adornment places the adornment that uses to decorate household namely us normally places a brand, style is diversiform, the place of flexible collocation, can let us dress up oneself individual character household according to oneself intention or individual hobby. So, what skills do we have when we put home decorations?

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1. Place accessories in a clear hierarchy with small front and large back

Combine a few household ornaments together, make it a part of visual focus, symmetrical balance is very important. When large furniture, the order that arrange should arrive by tall low arrange, appear on avoid vision disharmonious feeling. Keep the center of gravity of both accessories the same. Put adorn article before small after big administrative levels can highlight each adorn article characteristic, can feel very comfortable on the vision.

2. Decorate household ornaments to combine with the overall style of the home

Find out rough style and tonal first, will decorate according to unified fundamental key not easy to go wrong. Simple home design, home accessories with a sense of design is very suitable for the personality of the whole space; If it is a natural country style, it is based on natural wind home accessories.

3. Start with small home accessories

Place act the role ofing, embrace pillow, tablectowel, small hang act the role ofing wait for medium and small adorn article it is the easiest to get started decorate sheet to taste, decorate the person that enter the door to be able to proceed from these first, diffuse slowly to large furniture display again.

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