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What if the bone china teacup is dyed?

January 15, 2022

Bone china is a kind of low-temperature, soft porcelain with a firing temperature of about 800 ℃. The higher the content of bone ash, the lower the plasticity of porcelain clay. Bone china is white and warm, which is more suitable for high-grade daily tableware than the cold white of white porcelain. Because it is a healthy porcelain without lead, it is easy to be dyed for other ceramics. So, what if bone china is dyed? How should we deal with it?

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1. Toothpaste cleaning

Toothpaste is a necessity in our home. Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the tea set and brush back and forth with a small brush or abandoned toothbrush until it is removed.

2. Vinegar cleaning

Pour some vinegar into the bone china tea set and brush the tea dirt back and forth with a small brush to clean it.

3. Alkali cleaning

Alkali can be used not only for hair, but also for cleaning dirt. Cleaning tea scale with alkali is also a better method. Prepare some alkali, pour it into bone china tea set with tea scale, add a little water, and clean it back and forth.

4. Salt cleaning

Salt is a necessity in our life. Every family kitchen has it. Find a small brush or a small rag to brush back and forth until the tea scale is removed. In the process of brushing tea scale, add a little hot water to remove tea scale.

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