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Tea making skills with glass tea set

January 14, 2022

The glass tea set is airtight, heat transfer is fast, and it is easy to lose tea fragrance. However, it is very easy to watch the wonderful changes of the shape of precious tea in the brewing process. It is especially suitable for brewing fruit flavored tea and flower tea. So, what are the tea making skills of the glass tea set?

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1. Warm pot

Pour boiling water into the kettle, warm the kettle, clean the teapot, and clean the lid and inner liner at the same time

2. Warm cup

Scald the tea cup with the water temperature in the pot. After scalding the tea cup with a tea clip, pour the water from the cup into the waste water

3. Enjoy dry tea

The tea is directly poured into the tea lotus from the tea pot, and the host presents it to the guests for them to see the shape of the tea and smell the tea fragrance.

4. Add tea

Put the tea in the tea lotus into the inner tank of the pot, and the amount of tea depends on the number of guests

5. Brewing

Lift the pot high and rush into the pot to stimulate the tea, so that the dry tea can fully absorb water, and the color, aroma and taste of tea will volatilize. You can gently shake the inner bladder several times by hand to make the tea fully brewed and the tea soup come out evenly

6. Divide tea

Take out the inner container of the glass pot,   Put it aside in a tea tray. Place the tea cup and pour the tea soup in the pot into the tea cup respectively. It should not be too full. It is appropriate to pour it until the cup is seven times full.

7. Drinking

First smell the tea, then sip, stay in your mouth for a moment, drink slowly, and fully experience the true taste of tea.

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