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The advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee

January 13, 2022

Coffee is one of the three popular drinks in the world. The most common effect of drinking coffee is refreshing. In fact, coffee also has the advantages of anti-oxidation, heart protection, increasing appetite, helping digestion, activating collaterals and removing silt. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee?

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1. Improve the dryness of eyes: the purine component in coffee can stimulate glands to secrete liquid, which has a certain protective effect on eyes.

2. Antioxidation: it can fight against cardiovascular diseases, and coffee itself conforms to the principle of antioxidation, with dark color and bitter taste.

3. Pain relief: the headache caused by not sleeping well all night, or the pain caused by vasoconstriction on the temple side. The pain caused by these non organic factors can be relieved by coffee.


1. Aggravate high blood pressure: coffee itself has the effect of relieving pain. Take a large amount of coffee for a long time. If you have high blood pressure, using a large amount of coffee will only make your situation more serious.

2. Add disorder when nervous: caffeine helps to improve alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentration. However, drinking more coffee than you are used to drinking will produce stimulants similar to eating the same dose, which will cause nervous tension.

3. Induce osteoporosis: caffeine itself has a good diuretic effect. If you drink a lot of coffee for a long time, it is easy to cause bone loss, which will have an adverse impact on the preservation of bone mass. For women, it may increase the threat of osteoporosis.

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