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What is the size and purpose of Western dishes?

January 13, 2022

With the development of economy, people are willing to try new things, such as punching in some food at wanghong restaurant, learning how to eat Western food and so on. Before that, we need to have a certain understanding and cognition of Western food, such as the size of Western food plate, and different sizes have different usages.

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When eating western food, we pay great attention to the size and usage of plates. Each plate has a specific usage, and the size of plates suitable for different foods is also different. There are many kinds of tableware for Western food, including large plates, dessert plates, shallow plates, deep plates, forks for salad, forks for meat, etc. The size and purpose of Western food plates are:

(1) Salad platter 8.5 "

(2) Deep plate: 9 "- 11.6"

(3) Bread and butter plate: 8.5 inches

(4) Dessert plate: 7.5 inches

(5) Steak platter: 10.5 inches

(6) Display flat plate: 12.5 inches


Note: if you want complete equipment, you also need to prepare coffee cups, trays, tea cups and trays, large salad bowls, pastry plates, etc.

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