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Is the home plate square or round?

January 13, 2022

When buying plates, the shapes are different and have their own advantages. For example, circular plates have more advantages in cleaning, and square plates are easier to have dead corners than discs.So, which is better?

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1. Storage: it will be more obvious if you buy the same series. Generally, there is no problem with the round plates of the same series stacked one after another in one grid, and the square is a lot of trouble.

2. Stacking

(1) If you want to buy other brands of round plates in the future, just buy one with similar size and height. Especially for large shallow plates, it's OK to stack them high. As long as it's not too hard to take them, it saves space.

(2) Unless the dimensions of square plates are exactly the same one by one, there will always be a problem that they can't be superimposed

3. Cleaning

Square plates are more likely to have dead corners than round plates, and disc plates will have more advantages in cleaning

4. Swing plate

Under certain circumstances, square plates sometimes look better and have more appetite


In general, round plates have more advantages than square plates. When buying, you can choose to buy according to your personal preferences or needs.

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