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Can ceramic bowls and plates be put into the air fryer?

January 13, 2022

In daily life, our kitchen appliances are diverse, and many appliances are used in various ways. When many people use an air fryer, don't they know if a bowl or plate can be put in it? Can you bake a stainless steel bowl, ceramic bowl or glass bowl?

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1. Ordinary ceramic bowls and plates can be put into the air fryer, because the ceramics are fired with clay at 1K degrees, and the maximum temperature of the air fryer will not exceed 260 degrees.

2. Glass containers on the market are generally divided into ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass. Of course, not all glass bowls and plates can be put into the air fryer. Ordinary or tempered glass cannot be put into the air fryer, which will easily lead to the risk of self explosion. Only heat-resistant glass can be put into the air fryer. The thermal expansion coefficient of heat-resistant glass is small, The highest heat-resistant temperature is 1200 degrees, while the highest temperature of air fryer is about 260 degrees, which is completely within the bearing range of heat-resistant glass.

3. The air fryer can put stainless steel. The maximum temperature in the air fryer is 260 degrees, while the stainless steel can withstand about 600 degrees.

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