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Which is better ceramic vase or glass vase?

January 12, 2022

Vase is a kind of vessel, mostly made of ceramic or glass, with beautiful and smooth appearance. Glass vases are more modern, crystal clear, transparent and hierarchical. Ceramic vases have a sense of massiness and reflect the cultural depth of the head of household. Different decoration styles are matched with different texture ornaments, so the vase is still selected and matched according to the environment of its own room.

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  1. 1.Glass vase

It is a common vase in daily life. It is also a versatile one. It has good permeability and is easier to see the changes of water quality. For newly inserted flowers, glass vase will be more suitable. Glass vase is white glass without color, but as long as you add a little color, you can see different beauty. Even though the style is simple, the texture and round shape of glass look like a work of art. Even if there are no flowers, it is also ornamental.

2. Ceramic vase

Among the vases made of many materials, ceramic vases are loved by foreigners. They have a warm and delicate texture and an artistic atmosphere. It is suitable for simple home style. No matter how many or few flowers are inserted, it can create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Ceramic vases full of texture can always brighten people's eyes without losing their original temperament.

To sum up, ceramic and glass vases have their own advantages, which can be selected according to personal hobbies or family decoration.

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