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Cartoon panda ceramic tea set simple cold water flower tea pot set

The pleasant time in the afternoon brings pastoral style. Brew a classic western green tea with a small wide mouth cup and encounter the charming French style. Enjoy a pot and two cups, quiet and elegant, lazy afternoon, enjoy the beauty and tranquility of life. The animal teapot suit full of children's interest can make children fall in love at first sight.

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The porcelain is mellow and thick. The elegant cup handle on the pot wall makes it easy to carry and comfortable. Made by firing at high temperature, it is safe and does not fade.

Spout design, streamlined spout, smooth water flow, hot and cold, explosion-proof and crack proof. The cup mouth is smooth and the bottom is not glazed, which plays an anti-skid role. Golden printing, cute, fun and light luxury, encounter a warm life. There is a filter design inside the teapot, which can easily filter tea stains, make the water clean and the tea soup clear. The tea cup is exquisite and lovely, and children's hands can easily hold and hold it, which makes you love its charm. Fashionable and elegant gift box packaging, whether for gifts or for your own use, is very good.

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