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Precautions for pot raising

January 11, 2022

We love the purple clay pot, its beauty and its artistic conception, but we often question how to raise the pot and make it more beautiful under our long-term maintenance.In fact, there is no special trick to raising a pot. As long as you master the correct use method and daily maintenance, your love pot will give off a naturally oily luster over time.

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1. After a new pot is bought, there is usually a thin layer of wax on the surface, which is painted by the pot maker for beauty, so it must be cleaned before use. Otherwise, it is easy to grow flowers in the pot in the future. The cleaning method can be repeated with hot water or boiled directly in hot water.

2. A pot can only make the same kind of tea. Don't mix it, it will make the taste of the pot mixed.

3, after the first time, the tea leaves are left in the pot for 12 hours. After making tea, clean it up in time to prevent the tea from changing its taste into the pot, which is harmful to the body and will also affect the taste of making tea in the future.

4. Clean the pot in time. It will be good to brush. Don't wash the inside. Just rinse the pot twice with clean water. The pot body can be wiped with a soft cloth, then wipe the surface dry, and open the lid to dry.

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