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What kind of tea is the teapot suitable for?

January 11, 2022

Teapots are a general term. According to different materials, there are purple clay pots, glass pots, porcelain pots, etc. teapots of different materials are suitable for making different kinds of tea. There is no separation between tea and pot. What tea to drink, what pot to use, and what pot is suitable for making tea. Although there are different opinions, we can't fool around. Different tea sets brew the same tea, but the feeling of drinking it in your mouth is different.

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1. Tea suitable for brewing in purple clay pot

The biggest feature of purple clay pot is heat preservation and fragrance, so it is more suitable to make black tea, black tea, white tea, green tea and Luzhou flavor oolong tea. These teas are fermented deeply, and the water temperature needs to be close to 100 degrees. The deeper the fermentation, the more difficult it is to make green tea and flower tea, so it is not suitable to make green tea and flower tea in purple clay pot, because it will stuffy the tea.

2. Tea suitable for brewing in glass pot

The tea with good appearance can be brewed in transparent tea sets (glass cups and glass pots), such as green tea, white tea, flower tea, etc. in the transparent glass tea sets, you can clearly see the changes of tea and dance inside.

3. Tea suitable for brewing in porcelain pot

Almost all kinds of tea can be brewed in porcelain pot. The heat transfer of porcelain pot is not fast, the heat preservation is moderate, and there will be no chemical reaction with tea. It is healthy and can better ensure the color, flavor and flavor of tea.

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