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What size are household dishes?

January 11, 2022

When buying kitchen tableware, we should first have a basic understanding of it, such as the size of household dishes. A plate is a shallow bottomed utensil for holding objects (mostly food). It is larger and more round than a plate. Most of them are ceramic products, but also metal products. You can put things on them. When holding dishes on a plate, it is more convenient to pick up dishes and heat dissipation is better. 

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Household dishes are generally eight inches. When they are not other discs, the diameter is usually 25-28 cm.

1. There are many kinds of plates, and the folding is divided according to the material:

(1) Plastic plates are mainly made of PP, PE and other materials;

(2) Ceramic plates are mainly household ceramics;

(3) Metal plates, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, etc;

(4) Wooden plates are mainly used for cooking;

2. Folding is divided by purpose:

(1) Small plates, candy plates, fruit plates, etc. are commonly used in families;

(2) Service plates can also be used as kitchenware, especially those boiled fish and hot pot need metal and ceramic plates, fruit plates, etc.

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