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Difference between aromatherapy furnace and aromatherapy machine

January 11, 2022

Now many families buy a incense burner at home, because the incense burner can not only fill the garden with the aroma of our family, but also provide help for our health care. Which is better, the incense burner or the incense machine? Are they good or bad or different?

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In fact, the principles of aromatherapy furnace and aromatherapy machine are mostly the same. Add water and essential oil into the water container to volatilize the essential oil by heat to achieve the aromatherapy effect. There is no good or bad between them, but the aromatherapy machine is plugged in, which is more convenient. The aromatherapy stove uses candles, which is more romantic. The aromatherapy machine can add pure plant essential oil or clean water. The spray particles should be more uniform and small, and can stay in the space for a long time. One thing we need to pay attention to is about the water container. If the larger water container can put more water, the aromatherapy time will be relatively long. The effect of aromatherapy depends on the quality of essential oil.

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