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How to buy Household dishes?

January 10, 2022

When purchasing kitchen utensils and tableware, we should pay attention to several aspects when purchasing household plates: pattern and pattern, selecting appropriate materials, plate pattern color and technology, plate depth, weight and plate purchase location, etc.

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  1. 1.Look at the pattern

When selecting plates, try to choose less patterns. Too many patterns will bring health hazards, that is, the color of the patterns is easy to fall off after long-term use, which is harmful to people's health. If you have to choose one with patterns, it's better to have as few as possible. The safest Xiaobian thinks it's a solid color plate.

2. Choose a plate of the right material

Generally, ceramic plates are used at home. These plates have good heat resistance and will not release toxic substances even if the temperature is higher; Although glass dishes are easy to wash, they have poor heat resistance; The plastic plate is very impractical. Poor plastic will release toxic substances when it touches hot dishes. Therefore, we should be careful when choosing ceramics.

3. Look at the color and workmanship of the plate pattern

Most of the patterns on the plate are colored. Pay special attention when selecting. Don't choose printed ones. This color is easy to fall. Choose the patterns that are light in color and fired with the plate. The color of this pattern is firm and won't wear easily.

4. Look at the depth of the plate

Generally, a deeper plate can hold more dishes and soup, which is more practical.

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