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Which is better aromatherapy oil lamp or aromatherapy stove?

January 10, 2022

As a highly romantic home decoration, aromatherapy essential oil lamp is no longer unique to those high-rise buildings in ancient times. Ordinary people can now enjoy the comfort brought by aroma, and the essential oil lamp purchased through formal channels is harmless to people's body. So is it better to use the aromatherapy oil lamp or the aromatherapy stove? Both have their own advantages. The aromatherapy lamp is easy to use. It can be used as long as there is electricity. It can also be used as a night lamp. The aromatherapy stove can be used without electricity, but the general candle smoke is relatively large.

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1.Aromatherapy lamps and aromatherapy stove have magical effects. The aromatherapy lamp can be used as long as there is electricity, even if there is no essential oil, it can also be used as a night light. The aromatherapy stove can be used even if there is no electricity, but the candles are good or bad. The smoke of ordinary candles is relatively large.

2. Aromatherapy lamps use warm halogen lamps. Some of the electric energy is converted into heat energy, so it costs more electricity than energy-saving lamps. Generally, halogen lamps are 20-35 watts. However, because the lamps are not used for a long time, they do not consume much electricity.

3.The top water injection of aromatherapy stove and aromatherapy lamp is to dilute essential oil, because essential oils are concentrated and are not easily volatilized.

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