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What are the wonderful uses of glasses?

January 10, 2022

Glass is very common in our daily life. It is generally used to drink water, but it also has many other clever uses. Glass can also be used as potted plants, flower pots, chandeliers, etc. in life, it is very interesting.

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1. As a potted plant

Waste glass can be used as a flower pot to grow flowers. Such a pot is small and beautiful. At the same time, we can fix the glass or flower pot on the wall with wood, so as to decorate the room.

2. As a vase

Some nutrients can be poured into waste glass bottles, then fixed on the table or desktop, and then decorated with their favorite flowers, which can not only keep the flowers longer, but also decorate all corners of our family.

3. Making chandeliers

Choose a larger glass bottle and wear a woven jacket outside the glass bottle to focus the light. Such an artistic chandelier is completed.

4. Store small things

The glass is generally large in capacity. It is convenient and practical to store some commonly used tools and articles

5. Storage of tableware

You can put bigger glasses on the dining room table, such as chopsticks and forks, which is also convenient for our daily dining.

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