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How to select the material of coffee cup?

January 09, 2022

The most important thing for coffee is to select appropriate containers and materials to hold coffee. In order to fully enjoy coffee, it should be ensured that the material of the selected coffee cup will not have a negative impact on the taste of coffee. Coffee cups are made of various materials, including stainless steel, paper cups, glass, plastic, ceramics, etc. How to choose the right coffee cup?

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1. Stainless steel coffee cup

The stainless steel cup is easy to carry and is very suitable for travelers, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to dissolve toxins in acidic environment. Stainless steel contains heavy metals and has high stability in general drinks, but it will stimulate its activity in acidic drinks and release it in drinks, resulting in safety concerns. Therefore, it is not recommended to be used as a coffee container. In addition, its heat preservation effect is also poor, which is easy to cause the loss of coffee temperature and aroma.

2. Paper coffee cup

Paper cups are disposable products, which are often seen in large-scale events or meetings. Save the trouble of cleaning, but can not have good thermal insulation. In addition, worrying security is also a big problem. Black heart goods with bleach and talc powder added to paper cups are heard from time to time. The coated heat-resistant plastic material may also dissolve toxins. It is easy for people to taste a cup of poisonous coffee unconsciously! Therefore, if you use paper coffee cups, please try to choose paper cups with certification, high temperature resistance and high-quality printing ink to reduce the risk of drinking poisons.

3. Glass coffee cup

Almost no chemicals are added in the manufacturing process of the glass, which has the highest safety and users can use it at ease. Unfortunately, the glass is not as heat-resistant and heat-insulating as the ceramic coffee cup. It is more suitable to use iced coffee.

4. Ceramic coffee cup

Ceramic cups have various styles, safe materials, high temperature resistance and good thermal insulation. They are the best choice for tasting coffee. However, the disadvantage is that most colored ceramic cups are coated with glaze, which will dissolve toxins when holding drinks, resulting in health damage. It is recommended to use white ceramic cups, which are not only safe, but also can fully present the flavor of coffee.

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