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What are the sizes of coffee cups?

January 08, 2022

Coffee is a favorite drink for many business people and white-collar beauties. No matter at home, at work or on a date, coffee is undoubtedly a good drink. Good coffee needs a good cup. What are the dimensions of the coffee cup? There are three sizes of coffee cups, which can roughly judge the intensity of a cup of coffee. The smaller the volume, the stronger the coffee inside.

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1. The small coffee cup (60ml-80ml) is suitable for tasting pure high-quality coffee or strong single coffee. Although it can be drunk in one bite, the lingering mellow aftertaste shows the exquisite style of coffee.

2. Medium sized coffee cup (120ml-140ml) is a common coffee cup. Generally, when drinking coffee, choose such cup, which has enough space to mix and add milk or sugar.

3. Large coffee cups (more than 300ml) are generally mugs or special milk coffee cups for French orei. Only multi-purpose mugs such as American mocha and latte can contain its sweet and diverse taste. Romantic French people often use a large bowl of milk coffee to render the joy that lasts all morning.

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