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How to buy coffee cups?

January 08, 2022

In our daily life, many of us are inseparable from the shadow of coffee. Whether it's the coffee in the cafe or the coffee we make at work or at home, we often drink coffee, but in fact, the cup carrying coffee is also exquisite. Different cups have different coffee ingredients. So, how to buy coffee cups?

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1. Compare the color of the coffee cup with that of the cup

The color of coffee is darker. In order to set off the beauty of coffee, it is more suitable to use a white cup.

2. Weight of coffee cup

Coffee cups should be easy to use, light and suitable

3. The coffee cup shall be easy to clean

A good coffee cup, whether ceramic or porcelain, has a smooth and shiny surface, tight surface and small pores. It is not easy to hang coffee liquid and easy to wash.

4. The coffee cup matches the surrounding environment

When choosing coffee, we should match the coffee cup with the environment. After all, the beautiful coffee cup will also play a certain decorative role. If the color of the coffee cup is well integrated into the surrounding environment, it will also make people feel comfortable.


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