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Cleaning method of storage tank

January 08, 2022

As the name suggests, a storage tank is a container for storing goods. It is mainly used for the storage of food or moisture-proof goods. There are three kinds of jars for storing goods: glass, ceramic and plastic. At present, most are used to store food materials and food, and the sealing requirements are high. Cleaning and maintenance must pay attention to cleaning and deodorization. The maintenance requirements of different materials are different.

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1. Glass storage tank: to clean the glass tank, put some water in the tank, add glass cleaner, or use vinegar, cover the cover, shake it hard, and then rinse it with clean water. If there are any traces that are difficult to remove, you can add some fine sand to shake, or wrap a small wooden stick with a rag to wipe. Regular cleaning can keep the glass storage tank transparent and bright. Careful collision should be avoided during cleaning.

2. Ceramic storage tank: first use 84 disinfectant available in general supermarkets, dilute it according to the ratio of 1:20, and soak the ceramic storage tank for more than 48 hours (it doesn't matter if it takes longer). Then take it out and wash it with a brush dipped with ordinary washing powder. Most of the dirt can be removed at this step.

3. Plastic storage tank: some oil stains are easy to accumulate inside and on the surface of the plastic tank. You can put the tank in clean water and soak it with detergent for a period of time, which is easier to clean. The parts inside the jar that are difficult to clean can be wiped with the help of a wooden stick. Then rinse with clean water.

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