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How long can the water in the cold water kettle last?

January 07, 2022

Many people have heard that overnight water cannot be drunk. In fact, scientific research shows that there will be no harm if overnight water is properly preserved. The boiled water also has a shelf life and can't be kept for too long to avoid breeding bacteria. Although the cold water kettle has a sealing device with good sealing performance, it can't be kept for too long. How long can the water in the cold water kettle be kept?

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1. Is the cover open

If the lid of the cold water kettle is open, considering the possible entry of dust and bacteria, it is generally not recommended to drink after 16 hours; If it is sealed, it can be stored for about one to two days. It is not recommended to drink cold boiled water for more than two days.

2. Seasonal factors

Season will also affect the storage time of boiled water in the cold water kettle. For example, the higher temperature in summer makes it easier to breed bacteria, and the storage time should be shortened; Winter may be a little longer.

3. Warm tips

Generally, it is better to drink the water in the cold water pot on the same day, and then boil another pot the next day.

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