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Can I pour hot water in a cold kettle?

January 06, 2022

Cold water kettle is not a kettle used to cool hot water quickly, but literally. Generally, cold water kettle is a kettle used to hold cold water. It is not recommended to pour hot water, especially made of ordinary glass. It is not very strong and its thermal conductivity is not good enough. Rashly loading hot water may lead to burst of cold water kettle or reduction of cold insulation effect. If you want to use a cold kettle to hold hot water, you should choose a cold kettle made of high temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

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Generally speaking, whether a cold water kettle can hold hot water mainly depends on its material. Most ordinary cold water kettles are made of glass, and the material is not very solid. Therefore, it is not recommended to put hot water in it, so as not to cause the glass to burst when heated. Even if it does not burst, it will affect the refrigeration effect of the cold water kettle; However, if it is a cold water kettle made of high borosilicate glass, even pouring hot water generally has no impact, because this material has ultra-high temperature resistance and good thermal conductivity, so it does not affect. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to pour hot water into the cold kettle. Therefore, it is a cold kettle after all. It is not only more convenient but also healthier to separate it from the hot kettle; If it is necessary to fill hot water, it is recommended to fill a small amount of hot water and shake it, so that the whole glass cold kettle can be heated evenly, and then pour the waste heat water.

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