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What is the real environmentally friendly tableware?

January 06, 2022

There are many kinds of disposable tableware. Among them, disposable environmental protection tableware is easy to recycle, dispose of and degrade. So what is environmental protection tableware? What kind of tableware is really environmentally friendly? Environmentally friendly tableware is a food container whose materials are harmless to human body, the production process does not pollute the environment, the product quality fully meets the national food hygiene requirements, and the products are easy to recycle, dispose of or consume after use. Environmentally friendly tableware is not equal to degradable tableware. Degradable tableware is only a type of environmentally friendly tableware.

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1. The product has uniform color and texture, good hand feel and high strength

2. There is no peculiar smell when holding cold and hot food

3. Easy to recycle or environmental degradation

4. It is harmless to the ecological environment and human health and meets the national food hygiene standards

5. What are the characteristics of fake environmental protection tableware?

(1) The hand feels soft. It will drop the powder as soon as it is rubbed. It will crack as soon as it is torn. It smells pungent and chokes the eyes.

(2) There are words such as "degradable lunch box", "environmental protection lunch box" and "urban environmental protection" on the surface of the product. In fact, it is not necessarily environmental protection.

(3) It is heavier and cheaper than qualified products. For example, if the ordinary rice box is more than 15g, the price is generally less than 0.12 yuan.

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