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Is the colored ceramic cup safe?

January 05, 2022

Ceramic cups have various shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and are easy to clean. They are the first choice for most families to buy Tableware. However, the colored glaze on the ceramic surface may become a health killer. Colored glaze generally contains elements such as lead, mercury, radium and cadmium, which are harmful to human body. Is the colored ceramic cup safe?

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1.The raw material of ceramic cup is mainly clay, which does not do much harm to human body in the process of use. In the production process, in order to decorate, many manufacturers will paint or paste flower paper on the surface of the ceramic cup. If the firing time is not enough, it may endanger human health. There are three methods for the decoration of daily ceramics, namely overglaze color, underglaze color and underglaze color process. Among them, the safety of underglaze color and underglaze color is the strongest, because their firing temperature is relatively high, especially underglaze color ceramics. Of course, not all colored glaze ceramics are harmful. Only overglaze color is more dangerous. Therefore, we should use less of this kind of colored glaze.

2.With the development of ceramic market, some unqualified ceramic products appear on the floor stall in a cheap way. These ceramic cups are generally dull in color and have no luster. You can feel the obvious concave convex feeling by hand. In the process of use, the pigment on the surface of the ceramic cup may dissolve at a high temperature, causing great harm to the human body. If you are using a ceramic cup with a large decorative area, it is recommended not to let it be in a high temperature or high acid and high alkaline environment, so as to reduce the precipitation of some heavy metal residues, so as not to cause greater harm to our human body.

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