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What material is good for the cold water kettle

January 05, 2022

In daily life, every household is equipped with cold water pots. The function of cold water pots is mainly to hold cold water. There are also some cold water pots made of materials that can hold hot water. The function of the cold water kettle is mainly to hold cold boiled water. It has a layer of compartment, which can play a certain cold preservation effect. In addition to holding cold boiled water, it can also put flower tea, fruit juice and other drinks in it. There are many materials for cold water pots, including glass and ceramics. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. What material is good for cold water pots?

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1. What are the materials of the cold water kettle

(1) Glass: glass kettle is common, safe and beautiful, with smooth and bright surface. There are two kinds of commonly used glass: ordinary soda lime glass and high temperature resistant high borosilicate glass. Among them, high borosilicate glass cold water kettle is resistant to high temperature and has better performance.

(2) Ceramics: the materials of ceramics and glass are similar and relatively safe. They are easy to break. However, in terms of cleaning, the ceramic cold kettle is not as good as glass.

(3) Plastic: it is usually made of food grade natural resin. Considering health, it cannot contain heavy metals.

(4) Stainless steel: stainless steel cold water pots are generally uncommon. Food grade stainless steel is considered, but it is usually rare considering the cost.
2. Material selection of cold water kettle

Generally speaking, glass and ceramic materials are commonly used in cold water pots. Plastic cold water pots are not easy to break, but they are easy to breed bacteria and hide dirt. Glass and ceramic cold water pots are relatively safe and healthy, beautiful and easy to break.

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