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Can a ceramic pot be used on a gas stove

January 04, 2022

Ceramic pot is a common stew appliance in household. It is made of clay at high temperature. Because it is not a conductor material, it can not be heated on an induction cooker. Generally, it can be burned on a gas stove. As a high-temperature resistant material, ceramic pot can withstand the high temperature of 400 ℃. The ceramic pot with spodumene has better temperature resistance, up to about 1000 ℃, which can be used safely.

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The ceramic pot can be used on the gas stove, because the traditional ceramic pot is burned with an open fire. It is very resistant to high temperature and is not afraid of the fire of the gas stove. However, it should be noted that when using the ceramic pot on the gas stove, the fire should be controlled well. At first, it should not be too big. It should be heated evenly slowly and then be opened larger. If the fire starts, the ceramic pot may crack or be damaged.Ceramic pot is a casserole, which is a common cooker. Casserole is a ceramic product composed of quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials that are not easy to heat transfer. It is fired at high temperature. It has the characteristics of ventilation, adsorption, uniform heat transfer and slow heat dissipation. Ceramic pot is suitable for slow boiling over a small fire. It should be heated gradually. Don't suddenly burn on a large fire to avoid expansion and cracking. When removing the casserole from the top of the fire, put it on a dry wooden board or straw mat, and do not put it on the ceramic tile or cement floor.

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