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What decorations are in the dining room

January 03, 2022

Sit down to enjoy good food in dining-room, let a person be happy most, those dining-room small thing can build the dimensional environment that tastes good food more, be like tablecloth, candlestick, vase, tableware cup has, bottle opener, pour wine implement, eat mat, simulation flower places a piece, adornment picture, fruit basket, seat cushion for leaning on.

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  1. 1.Restaurant hanging picture: restaurant hanging picture to choose its content auspicious, color to bright, can increase people's dining mood. Like simple and elegant hanging paintings, you can choose to hang calligraphy works, also can hang ink bamboo, flowers and birds, etc.. It should be noted that the restaurant should not hang horses and portraits.

  2. 2.Dining-room plant: the plant that suits dining-room to put should be given priority to with warm color more, wait for a plant such as yellow rose, xanthine xin, conduce to the harmony of your family get along with, also benefit at family all sorts of fortune turn.

  3. 3.Dining-room furnishing piece: put in dining-room the feng shui that town house character, kylin, peach wood sword or tumbler can let oneself in the home becomes stable.

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