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Can ceramic tableware be used with scratches

January 03, 2022

The firing and application of ceramic tableware has a long history in China. Its shapes are diverse, colorful, cool and smooth, easy to wash, and is deeply loved by foreigners. What should we pay attention to when using ceramic tableware? What if there are scratches on ceramic tableware?

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1. When the porcelain bowl is scratched, harmful substances will be precipitated

When using ceramic tableware, if there are scratches on the porcelain bowl or plate, the glaze in the plate may be exposed. If you use scratched tableware to contain acidic, high-temperature and other foods, it is likely to precipitate heavy metals and endanger human health. If inferior and unqualified ceramic products are used, chronic poisoning will be caused over time.

2. Use cleaning cloth to clean ceramic tableware

Clean ceramic tableware with a soft rag, and clean cloth, decontamination powder and other glaze that is easy to damage its surface, it is best not to use it. At the same time, try not to put acidic, oily and alkaline food for a long time in use, especially do not put food with more oil in ceramic tableware and then put it into microwave oven for heating, so as to prevent the release of toxic substances.

3. Don't buy dark tableware

When selecting tableware, we should first see whether the information such as the manufacturer of the goods is complete and whether there are executive standards; Secondly, touch it with your hand to see if the inner wall is smooth. It's best not to choose uneven and bubbling surfaces.

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