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Is the ceramic pot easy to use

January 03, 2022

Ceramic pot and casserole have certain similarities. In fact, ceramic pot is a casserole with an additional layer of glaze color. Its advantage is that it can heat food evenly, has good sealing and thermal insulation, and does not leave any peculiar smell. However, it also has the disadvantages of not being scratch resistant and unable to make acidic food. Generally speaking, it is still a kind of pot that is very easy to use.

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1. Advantages:

(1) When the ceramic pot is heated, the temperature rises slowly, which can make the food heated evenly and fully, and the cooked food is also shiny.

(2) Things cooked in a ceramic pot are more delicious, and the internal circulation is better. Whether it's stew, stew or soup, it's easy to stew food.

(3) The heat conduction speed of ceramic pot is slow, and small fire can also maintain a high heat state, which can keep the food temperature in the pot longer.

(4) The inner wall and appearance of ceramics are smooth, and it is not easy to absorb food odor and stains.

2. Disadvantages:

Ceramic itself is relatively fragile. When making food, it is easy to scratch and affect its beauty. In addition, ceramic pots can not be used to make acidic food, which is also a limitation.

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