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What kind of materials do kitchen utensils have

January 02, 2022

Kitchen is full of warmth and fireworks in the home, a variety of kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances for our catering efforts. Every kind of tableware is glowing and giving off heat in its own position, we need to understand the material of kitchenware, kitchenware type, the placement of kitchenware and so on.

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  1. 1.Storage equipment

It is divided into two parts: food storage and utensils storage. Food storage is divided into cold storage and non-cold storage, refrigeration is through the refrigerator in the kitchen, refrigerator, etc. Utensils storage is to provide storage space for tableware, cooking utensils, utensils, etc. Storage equipment is through a variety of bottom cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decorative cabinets to complete.

2. Washing utensils

Including hot and cold water supply system, drainage equipment, washing basin, washing cabinets, etc., garbage generated in the kitchen operation after washing, should be set up dustbins or sanitary buckets, etc., modern family kitchen should also be equipped with disinfection cabinet, food waste crusher and other equipment.

3. Conditioning equipment

Mainly including conditioning table, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils. With the progress of science and technology, the household kitchen with food cutting machines and tools, press juice machines and tools, etc., are also increasing.

4. Cooking utensils

There are mainly stoves, cooking and cooking related tools and utensils. As the kitchen revolution progressed, the rice cooker. Oven of high frequency electromagnetism kitchen, microwave oven, microwave oven also begins to enter a family in great quantities.

5. Dining utensils

Mainly include dining-room furniture and dinnertime utensils and utensils, etc. Mainly bowls, chopsticks, spoons, forks and drinking utensils, etc.

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