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Two changes in ceramic tableware in history

January 01, 2022

For a long time, due to the backward social economy and productivity level, the demand for ceramic products is also relatively low, and the basic use of its functions is only the mainstream demand. In history, the simplified improvement of ceramic tableware has only been done twice. The traditional view of commodity desires of lock-in, thrift, and abstinence will no longer be the mainstream consciousness of consumers in modern life. Therefore, in modern society, the pursuit of superiority brought by commodities is the demand goal, which is also a basic demand of modern ceramic tableware. It pays attention to the grade, brand and price of ceramic tableware.

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The first time was in the period of the Revolutionary Democratic Movement of 1911. In the democracy and anti-feudal movement, the excessively complicated and obsolete forms of participation were deleted and eliminated. And absorbed some new western decorations and new styles.

The second time was the result of the Cultural Revolution and reform and opening up. During the period of reform and opening up, the Western lifestyle has penetrated into the lives of Chinese people from all angles, and the design style of ceramic tableware has naturally been affected, and the shape has become more concise and bright.

At present, with the progress and development of social economy and the increasing abundance of commodities, people's consumer desires and needs change accordingly. Consumers have gradually realized the necessity and importance of consumer demand to a higher level. In particular, the acceleration of the pace of life and the popularity of leisure concepts have made modern ceramic tableware's innovative and beautiful designs not only include artistic appeal presented by visual images such as product form, appearance, color, texture, decoration, etc., it should also be a kind of Infiltrate the whole information of new technology, new culture, new art, and new ideas in this era. The product design principle of "practical, economical, and beautiful" is transformed into an inverted model of "beautiful, practical, economical, and marketable", which is the new trend of modern ceramic tableware demand.

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