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Advantages and disadvantages of casserole soup

January 01, 2022

Casserole is a commonly used kitchenware, usually used to cook soup. Casserole soup is mainly because of the heat insulation and airtightness of the casserole, which can make the nutrients in the soup easier to be absorbed by the human body, and the soup tastes better, but Please pay attention to the casserole soup, it will affect the taste of the ingredients for a long time, and you can not stew the lamb and other more flavorful ingredients.

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The advantage of casserole soup is that it is heated and dissipated evenly, so that the soup in the casserole can receive the heat fully and evenly. It can be used for long-term heat preservation. It is especially suitable for low-fire stewing of older foods, so that the human body can absorb these nutrients more easily. Due to the better airtightness and internal circulation of the casserole soup, the ingredients in the soup are easier to boil and taste more delicious. The resulting food soup tastes more delicious and maintains the original flavor.

Although casserole stew has certain advantages, there are also some disadvantages, such as:

1. The casserole soup for too long will degrade the protein in the ingredients, lose nutrients, and affect the taste of the meat. It tastes a little soft and has no toughness.

2. The casserole has good airtightness, so it can't be used to stew lamb, dog meat and other foods with strong taste, otherwise the soup will have a fishy smell, which will affect the taste.

3. There is a layer of glaze inside some low-quality casserole, which contains harmful substances such as lead. Long-term use of this casserole for soup will cause certain damage to human health.

Of course, the above are all caused by using poor-quality casserole to cook the soup or incorrectly making the soup. Normal use still has no effect.

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