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Techniques and methods for placing seasoning bottles

December 31, 2021

Kitchen seasoning bottle is mainly used to hold seasonings for daily use, such as oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar. But with more kinds of spices, they need to be stored. What are the techniques and methods for placing seasoning bottles?

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1. Spices are placed by category

Seasoning bottles can be placed by category. Liquid seasonings such as soy sauce and vinegar can be summarized as powder seasonings placed in one area and small bottles in another area. The remaining area can be used for common spices such as pepper and seasoning. Placing seasonings in this way can make the seasoning area look orderly, which makes us feel much happier when we cook dishes.

2. Select the cabinet with convenient push-pull drawer to store the seasoning bottle

The position of the drawer should not be too low, so that the seasoning can be easily taken, and the seasoning can be properly stored without being exposed to the outside.

3. Label the name on the seasoning bottle for easy search

In order to facilitate the search and identification, the name of the seasoning is clearly marked on the seasoning bottle, so that it can be clear at a glance when using the seasoning, so as not to rush and affect the cooking quality.

4. Make a small storage rack of imitation wine rack to place seasoning bottles

When using this small storage rack to place seasoning bottles, they should also be placed in categories and layers. The placement method should follow the placement method of wine rack. The bottom of all kinds of seasoning bottles should face outward, and the name of seasoning should be marked at the bottom.

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