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What are the types of porcelain

December 31, 2021

Pottery and porcelain are finished products made of clay. With the passage of time, ceramics not only serve as daily necessities, but also have the artistic value of collection, especially porcelain. There are many kinds of porcelain. These porcelain are the crystallization of our ancestors' wisdom and labor. So, what are the types of porcelain?

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1. Plain porcelain

(1) Celadon: the glaze contains iron oxide, which is the earliest porcelain. Celadon is a treasure of Chinese ceramic firing technology. As a kind of porcelain with cyan glaze on the surface.

(2) Black porcelain: also known as Tianmu porcelain, it is fired on the basis of celadon with increased iron content. The famous black porcelain manufacturing kilns include Jianyao and Deqing kilns.

(3) White porcelain: white porcelain generally refers to porcelain with white body and transparent glaze on the surface. The production of white porcelain forms transparent glaze due to low iron content. The most famous are Ding kiln and Xing kiln. The emergence of white porcelain makes it possible to draw on porcelain, which lays a foundation for the development of colored porcelain.

(4) Celadon and white porcelain: also known as shadow green, hidden green, Yingqing, cover green, etc. the glaze color is between green and white, white in green, glittering green in white, and ice like jade.

2. Colored glazed porcelain

One glazed porcelain with color is fired in a closed state. Due to different contents of iron oxide and copper oxide and different firing temperature, it presents different glaze colors.

3. Painted porcelain

Porcelain won not by glaze, but by shape, painting and color. The development of painted porcelain began with blue and white, that is, patterns began to appear on or under the glaze, including blue and white, two colors, three colors and so 

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