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What material is good for seasoning bottle

December 30, 2021

Cooking delicious food is inseparable from all kinds of spices. With more spices, the kitchen becomes more messy and unclean. Seasoning jar, also known as seasoning bottle and seasoning bottle, is a container for seasoning. There are many seasoning materials. The more common ones are glass seasoning bottles, ceramic and stainless steel seasoning bottles. So what material is better for seasoning bottles?

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1. Glass seasoning bottle

Advantages: transparent and beautiful, environmental protection and safety

Disadvantages: handle with care and be careful of damage and collision

2. Ceramic seasoning bottle

Advantages: high temperature resistance, easy cleaning and rich styles

Disadvantages: it is not resistant to collision and has chemical influence

3. Stainless steel seasoning tank

Advantages: durable, not afraid of collision, moisture-proof and waterproof

Disadvantages: strong heat transfer, shorter service life under high temperature environment, more oil stain after soiling, and need to be cleaned frequently

4. Plastic seasoning bottle

Advantages: low price

Disadvantages: Although the price is cheap, the material is not safe enough and easy to age. For health reasons, it is not recommended to use plastic seasoning bottles

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