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How to buy seasoning cans

December 30, 2021

In daily cooking, condiments can never be absent. Although insignificant, it can play a role in painting dragon points for food in color, smell and taste. There are a wide range of seasoning cans on the market, which is a good thing for everyone. It can be said that the trick is quite exquisite to select a suitable one from a variety of seasoning cans. So, how should we buy seasoning cans?

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1. Choose a practical and convenient design

(1) Leak proof design: suitable for liquid seasoning

When purchasing, pay more attention to the shape of the bottle mouth, and select products with special design at the bottle mouth, so as to ensure cleanliness and convenience in use. Try to choose the style that has to be pressed at the same time after pressing the bottle mouth to pour out the liquid, the spray type bottle can not pour out easily.

(2) High tightness: used for powder seasoning

Salt, sugar and other powdery seasonings are often easy to harden and agglomerate under the influence of environmental humidity. In order to prevent this problem, it is best to choose a seasoning tank with moisture-proof, over drying prevention and high sealing.

2. Determine the capacity and size according to the purpose

Seasoning cans are divided into storage and table use. If used for storage, select seasoning cans with large capacity and good tightness; If it is used on the dining table, choose a style with stable shape.

3. Choose a clean style

When buying, make sure that the seasoning can is easy to clean. The design of the large bottle mouth is convenient for in-depth internal cleaning, and there is no need to worry about getting dirty when adding seasoning.

4. It is better to see the content at a glance

If you store a variety of seasonings at home, it is recommended to use a seasoning can with transparent bottle body or label. The transparent bottle body can see at a glance whether it is the seasoning needed at present, so as to avoid looking for trouble.

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