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How to buy Glass Tea Set

December 27, 2021

If you want to make a pot of good tea, you need not only good tea and water, but also a proper tea set. Among many tea sets, glass tea sets have won the favor of tea lovers because they are clear, transparent, safe and non-toxic. So, how to buy glass tea sets?

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1. Look at the permeability: for glass tea sets, people choose to use them more often. Because of its high permeability, you can clearly see the changes in the process of tea brewing and enjoy tea tasting. Glass tea sets made of other materials cannot be intuitively felt. Therefore, when we choose glass tea sets, we should see whether its permeability is high.

2. Look at the wall thickness: high borosilicate glass is used to make teapots in the market. There are professional technical standards for the thickness and weight of glass wall. Good glass teapots are resistant to high temperature and can be heated by open fire with alcohol furnace, candle and other heating tools without cracking. If the glass wall is too thick, it will lead to good heat insulation effect and can not have the effect of open fire heating and insulation. Moreover, the thinner the glass, the less likely it is to burst.

3. Touch smooth: the surface of the glass tea set is smooth. We can directly touch it with our hands to find out whether the surface is flat or there are some bubbles. The inner wall of the glass tea set is smooth. In the process of making tea with the glass tea set, it will not absorb the original flavor of the tea soup.

4. Tea cover: glassware is not a pressure container that can withstand pressure. If the cover is too tight, it will lead to sealing. When the internal temperature in the pot changes, it will produce certain thermal expansion and cold contraction. Once it exceeds the range, it will burst.

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