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How to buy household glassware

December 27, 2021

All kinds of glass products are often used in household life, such as glass cups and bowls, which can be roughly divided into glass tea sets, glass wine sets, glass tableware and other types. These household glass products are beautiful, safe and practical, and many families like to use them. However, the quality of glassware also has advantages and disadvantages. To buy high-quality daily glassware, we should pay attention to the identification standards Understand the characteristics.

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1. Distinguishing standards: daily glassware includes ordinary glassware, tempered glassware and heat-resistant glassware. The latter two are the mainstream of glassware. The state and industry have formulated relevant standards to standardize product quality.

2. Understand the characteristics: different types of utensils have different characteristics. For example, tempered glass has strong impact resistance and is not easy to break, but it has poor heat resistance and cannot be heated directly; The heat-resistant glassware can directly hold the food to be heated and add it to the microwave oven, oven and steamer for heating.

3. Clarify the purpose: when purchasing glassware, you should clarify your purchase purpose. If the glassware is only used to put some ordinary materials, ordinary glassware or tempered glass can be used; If heating is required, select heat-resistant glassware and pay attention to the heat-resistant range.

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