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Characteristics of glass tea set

December 27, 2021

Glass can be made into various other containers, such as wine utensils, bowls, dishes, cups, jars, etc. most of them are colorless. Colored glass or colored glass can also be used. Glass tea set is a common utensil, and many people use it to make tea. So, what are the characteristics of glass tea set? The glass tea set is airtight and has fast heat transfer, but it is very easy to watch the wonderful changes of the shape of precious tea in the brewing process. It is especially suitable for brewing fruit flavored tea and flower tea.

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1. High borosilicate glass, the instantaneous temperature difference can withstand 150 degrees

2. High perspective: it is made of fully transparent glass, which can directly perspective the brewing process and enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants.

3. Attention to the original flavor: because the glass is hairless and porous, it will not absorb the taste of flower tea, so that you can taste 100% of the original flavor, which is easy to clean and has no residual taste.

4. Elegant shape: it is specially designed for brewing flower tea. With crystal texture, you can see the light brown color of flower tea and fully enjoy the fun of drinking tea.

5. The glass teapot can be heated by open fire with alcohol stove, candle and other heating tools without cracking. It can also be taken out of the refrigerator and injected with boiling water immediately. It is beautiful, practical and convenient.

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