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What are the taboos of delivering tea

December 26, 2021

Chinese tea culture is extensive and profound. Tea drinking is inseparable from tea sets. Now people's living standards have improved, and tea sets have begun to be sent on holidays. Sending tea sets to show respect is suitable for sending leaders, elders or customers, as well as the new couple. The new couple will serve tea when they get married. For traditional Chinese people, serving tea is a very important etiquette.

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1. Check whether the tea set is intact before giving gifts. Do not send damaged tea sets, especially whether the spout and bottom are complete; The color of tea set is dark and depressed.

2. The shape of the tea set should be round and square, etc. Sharp and weird shapes should be forbidden. The tea set itself must be kept clean and tidy to avoid peculiar smell.

3. It depends on whether the other party dislikes the tea set, whether the quality of the tea set is good or not, whether the shape of the tea set can not be sharp, and whether the tea set has a peculiar smell.

4 before sending to understand the local living environment, customs and habits, some places on color or material, modeling and other taboo.

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