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How to identify whether a glass contains lead

December 25, 2021

Does the glass contain lead? Glass is divided into ordinary glass and crystal glass, and crystal glass is divided into two kinds: lead-free water glass and crystal glass containing lead. How do we identify lead-free glasses? To identify a glass, you first need to know the type of glass. You can know what kind of glass you choose. After you know what kind of glass you choose, learn the method to identify whether the glass contains lead.

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1. Look at the signs: lead-free glass generally contains potassium, most of which are high-grade handicrafts and are marked on the outer package, while lead-containing glasses contain lead, that is, the content of lead oxide in crystal glassware common in some supermarkets and stalls can reach 24%.

2. Look at the color: the lead-free glass has better refraction than the traditional lead crystal glass, and more perfectly shows the refraction performance of metal glass.

3. Look at the heat resistance: the glass is generally resistant to high temperature, but generally has poor resistance to extreme cold and heat. Lead free crystal glass belongs to glass with high coefficient of expansion and poor heat resistance. It is easy to burst if you make tea with water in a particularly cold lead-free glass.

4. Listen to the sound: beyond the metal sound made by leaded crystal glasses, the sound of leadless glasses is easier to listen to.

5. Look at toughness: lead-free glass is more flexible than leaded crystal glass.

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