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A thank-you letter from the customer

December 25, 2021

In this letter of thanks, we can see the affirmation of our customers. This thank-you letter is not only an affirmation, a reward, but also a responsibility, carrying customers' recognition and encouragement of sanbo. Every word may not be gorgeous, but just like the warm current, it fills our hearts with warmth. We will turn this warmth into strength and continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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Last week, a customer from Guangxi was interested in our products and visited the company in person. This customer met our salesman Rita at the Canton Fair. After that, Rita kept in touch with customers and recommended our new products to customers from time to time. Due to our warm attitude and customers' interest in our products, Rita decided to come to our company. Our managers genty and candy warmly welcomed and entertained her, accompanied her to visit the factory and other production processes, introduced the relevant details of products, and took customers to visit the famous Guangji Bridge in Chaozhou.

Customers are very satisfied with our service. Our considerate service and careful, patient and professional answers to customers' ceramic questions also meet customers' wishes. The transaction of each order comes from difficulty and is everyone's hard work. Sanbo ceramic factory has always been based on the concept of "integrity", so as to make customers satisfied with our products and professional services, achieve mutual benefit and win-win and common development with customers.

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