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The difference between ceramic pot and casserole

December 24, 2021

We can't cook without a pot every day, and different pots have different uses. Ceramic pots and casseroles are often used when making soup. Most people may think they are the same. I don't know this is a wrong cognition. What's the difference between ceramic pots and casseroles?

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1. Raw materials

Casserole is a ceramic product made of quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials that are not easy to heat transfer. The raw materials of ceramic casserole are not as complex as casserole. It is mainly made of clay with different properties through batching, forming, drying and other technological processes.

2. Tightness

Relatively speaking, the sealing performance of ceramic pot is better. The cover fits closely with the pot body, and the internal circulation is better. The tightness of casserole is not as good as that of ceramic pot, so the cooked food is not as delicious as ceramic pot.

3. Thermal insulation

The heat preservation of casserole is better than that of ceramic casserole, because the heat conduction speed of casserole is slow and the internal heat will not dissipate easily, so the heat preservation effect is good. The soup cooked in ceramic pot usually needs to be warm rather than hot.

4. Different characteristics

Casserole has small air hole, high temperature resistance, large mouth and fast heat dissipation; The ceramic pot has large pores, high temperature resistance, small mouth and slow heat dissipation.

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