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What are the characteristics of white porcelain tableware

December 23, 2021

White porcelain generally refers to porcelain with white body and transparent glaze on the surface. It has the characteristics of compact and transparent green body, high glaze and pottery fire, no water absorption, clear sound and long rhyme. Because the color is white, it can reflect the color of tea soup, with moderate heat transfer and thermal insulation performance. In addition, it is colorful and has different shapes. It can be called a treasure in tea drinking utensils.

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1. White porcelain is a plain white porcelain made of porcelain clay and glaze with low iron content. Compared with bone porcelain, white porcelain has thicker fetal quality and translucent transmittance. It is not as good as high-quality bone porcelain. White porcelain is high-temperature porcelain. Relatively speaking, white porcelain is more dense.

2. The material of high-quality white porcelain is kaolin, which is white, delicate and sticky. It is a high-quality raw material for ceramic production. Firing porcelain in a certain temperature range has the characteristics of high transparency, high strength, small deformation, smooth glaze and soft tone.

3. High white fine porcelain adopts secondary firing, which improves the hardness and compactness of porcelain, and the glaze is more smooth and bright. The firing temperature of white porcelain is high, the porcelain body is dense and solid, the glaze color is light and shiny, and it is pure white.

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