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Purchasing skills of ceramic pot

December 22, 2021

Ceramic pot is a pot made of clay and sand with a layer of glaze color. Its appearance is smooth, modern, bright and hygienic. When heating, the temperature rises slowly, which can make the food evenly and fully heated. It is more shiny, warm and smoldering. In short, ceramic pots are used to make more soup and vegetables. So, how to buy ceramic pots?

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1. Look at the gloss: a good ceramic pot will have high gloss, and the surface of the ceramic pot with quality deviation will be dark.

2. Feel: a good ceramic pot will feel much better naturally

3. Knock and listen to the sound: a good ceramic pot will reverberate.

4. Fill the water and heat it to see the phenomenon. There will be no white floating objects in the water when a good ceramic pot heats the water.

5. Look at the price: the price determines the quality to a certain extent. After all, every penny counts.

6. Try to buy white ceramic pots. The brighter the color, the more heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are contained in colorful ceramic pots.

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