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Lead new colleagues to visit the production process of the factory workshop

December 22, 2021

Induction training is to make employees understand the company's situation, integrate employees into the organizational culture, make employees better master the rules and tools required in work, integrate individuals into the team, and better master the basic company knowledge and working methods.

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The leaders of the company led their new colleagues to the factory for a one-day study. Therefore, the employees were more familiar with the production process of various accessories. Lead new colleagues to visit the production workshop and explain the professional terms and functions of various parts in detail. The whole workshop sees orderly working procedures, advanced assembly lines, skilled technical level and modern management. The company also carries out its work based on the principle of being responsible to customers and better providing customers with high-quality services. Each employee in the enterprise treats his / her work in the spirit of eternal development and eternal service concept, pays attention to self-development in technical management, and works together to promote the enterprise to the international market and implement the "going out" strategy under the leadership of the person in charge of the enterprise. In daily production, we should have strict quality standards, improve production capacity in all aspects, strengthen production technology, and work together to build a better team.

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