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Can I cook in a ceramic pot

December 21, 2021

Ceramic pot stew, soup, but is not suitable for cooking, because an earthenware pot material limit, low thermal conductivity, stir-fry the quenching heat is easy to result in the crack of the casserole, even and fragile brittle ceramic pan, stir fry togeth may be broken, and the shape of ceramic sand pot is not suitable for cooking, cooking or using special frying pan is better.

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1. The thermal conductivity of the ceramic pot is poor, not sudden cold and sudden heat, otherwise it will lead to the pot body heated expansion rate is not the same, part of the rapid expansion, and the internal force of the pot body is not uniform and cracking; When cooking, the pot oil temperature is high, sudden heat into cold dishes, ceramic pot is easy to fry.

2. Ceramic POTS belong to ceramic products, which are relatively fragile and fragile. When making soup and cooking vegetables, they rarely move the casserole pot, but cooking vegetables is different

3.. The shape of ceramic casseroles is also not suitable for cooking. Most of them are smaller than regular wok, and some are deeper and smaller.

4. Some unglazed ceramic casseroles, with uneven interior, are also feasible for stews, which are easy to accumulate food and grease.


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