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The kind and characteristic of ceramic handicraft

December 21, 2021

Delicate and beautiful ceramic handicrafts have always been the love of many collectors, ceramic handicrafts have blue and white porcelain, bucket color, powder glaze and other types, different types of handicrafts have different characteristics, loved by many people.

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1. Blue and white porcelain: characterized by bright, fresh, elegant, generous, highly decorative, color does not fade, precious for domestic and foreign people, and has a very important position in the world's porcelain manufacturing process.

2. Color: static and dynamic storage, sharp contrast, both elegant and stately.

3. Powder glaze: the fusion of glass white and colorful materials, so that all kinds of color produced "powder". Red color becomes pink, green color becomes light green, yellow color becomes light yellow, other colors also become opaque light tones, and can control the amount of their addition to obtain a series of different shades of color, giving a feeling of pink and soft.

4. New color: including decal, painting, brush, spray, printing, etc. Features are rich in color, decorative diversity, beautiful blank shape, vivid patterns, novel style.

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