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What are the advantages of double glass

December 21, 2021

Double-glazed glasses are one of the only glasses on the market that meet the standard for healthy drinking, so many health-conscious people now use them to meet their daily hydration needs. Actually the advantage of double deck glass has a lot of, it is the material that depends on it not only is safe and healthy, use it to drink water, make tea to clean easily, do not leave tea be soiled, bear friction, the mainest is heat preservation.

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1. Prevent burns

Compared with single-layer glass, double-layer glass will not be hot if there is boiling water in it, while single-layer glass will burn your hands easily if the water temperature is high.

2. Good heat preservation effect

Because double glass is double glass, in the production of high temperature melting, double glass into hot water, heat preservation effect is much better than single-layer glass.

3. Look more unique

Double glass in the production process, because there is a layer of glass inside, there is also a layer of glass outside, from the appearance, more beautiful than single-layer glass, aesthetic value is more extensive than single-layer glass.

4. It keeps ice well

In addition to insulation, double-glazed glasses can also hold ice, which lasts longer than single-glazed glass and is less likely to melt.

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