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Methods of appraising porcelain

December 21, 2021

There are two methods to appraise ceramics: one is the traditional method of appraising ceramics based on the appraising ability acquired in practice, drawing on the experience of predecessors, referring to literature and images; The other is the method of identification by modern scientific and technological means such as analysis, assay, measurement and handheld microscope.


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1. Look at the shape: many shapes are the characteristics of The Times, with its unique shape, size and other style characteristics, there is a big difference between the dynasties. Porcelain lovers pay attention to the shape and size of the artifacts in each era on the catalogue, and carefully write down the standard type of each dynasty, so as to have a good idea in the actual identification.

2. Look at the glaze: observe the glaze of porcelain, pay attention to the thickness of the glaze, the new and old luster.

3. Look at the fetal quality: identify the fetal quality from the porcelain has the circle foot and the bottom of the exposed fetal part of the ancient porcelain, the fetal quality is generally rough, slightly yellow; And the antique porcelain is relatively white, fine.

4. Look at ornamentation: Ornamentation features for themes, materials, painting and other aspects.

5. Look at the bottom foot: it is very important to study the characteristics of different forms of ware feet in different times and find out the rules of inheritance, development and evolution of porcelain. Many technologies can be used as tools for dating.


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